So That Was


December 2017

 BBC Alba multi camera live broadcast of the Trads. The annual Traditional Music Awards. My fourth year on this show and this year the venue was in Paisley. 

Filming an event for a London based events company with my FS7 kit and Canon 5d with slider. Regular clients who produce outstanding event coverage for many UK large organisations. 

Live broadcasts for BBC Breakfast

News work for BBC Network

Filming colour piece for BBC Sunday politics show

Filming three colour pieces for BBC Timeline programme

Then some home time over Christmas and actually at home on Hogamanay! First time in years that I have turned down working. A real treat to watch Jools live with a glass of wine rather than next day with a cup of tea!

November 2017

BBC news work 

Music shoot for Scotdisc record company. Filming two performers using play back at The Rest And Be thankful. For the Scotdisc website and Youtube. And we were being filmed ourselves for a BBC1 documentary about the history of the Scotdisc record label. Suddenly discovered how uncomfortable it is to be asked questions when you are on the other side of the camera!

Live multi camera webcast for Ladbrokes. Live show with football pundits and guests. 

Filming promo for the BBC Alba Hogmanay show. Using my FS7 and lighting kit. The art dept did a lovely job of transforming a garden in West Lothian into a festive scene complete with chiminea.

Filming interviews for William Hill for Scottish Cup coverage

Filming ship launch at Port Glasgow for a documentary about the company. Multiple cameras and owner/operators on this. My FS7 along with another FS7, a Red, a Canon C300 and many Go Pro's. Shooting in Log mode to allow grading and camera matching. A wet, windy dark day. I was high on a cherry picker to capture the ship sliding into the river. 

A second day on this in a local pub where we interviewed the people involved in the launch.

Multi camera recording of the BBC Alba Christmas Eve Carol Service. Equipment and engineering by Progressive Broadcast. 

​October 2017 

BBC news work including SNP party conference. Including live broadcasts via LiveU 4G unit.

Studio camera for presenter and guests at the annual Mod for BBC outside broadcasts.

Studio camera for recording of multi camera music programme "Jazz at the Quay". Recorded at BBC Pacific Quay.

Another flight to beautiful Lewis and Harris for the documentary "Bible Boys" with my FS7 and kit.

September 2017 

A flight to Stornoway and three days with my FS7 kit to film for the BBC Alba documentary "The Bible Boys". This is a follow up to the original series charting the progress of new ministers in the Free Church. We filmed services, interviews and some fly on the wall footage. The landscape is beautiful, we enjoyed great hospitality and ate very well thanks to the folks on Lewis. Packing the camera and lighting kit for a small plane with limited weight allowance is always a challenge but we got there!

More music for Bees Nees! We recorded the Skipinnish concert at Glasgow's famous Barrowlands. This will transmit on BBC in November. Great night using Sony FS7's and Canon L series lenses. 

Sky News coverage using the Ranger satellite truck.

August 2017

A month of music for BBC filming the Belladrum Festival, tracking camera main stage and long lens (x86). This year we were treated to Sister Sledge, The Pretenders, First Aid Kit, Louis Berry, Feeder, Dub Pistols, Honeyblood, KT Tunstall, Franz Ferdinand and The James Hunter Six. As usual, this was a full Outside Broadcast with some of the performances transmitted live to air.

Piping Live recorded in Glasgow Art School  for Bees Nees with the Battlefield Band, Peatbog Faeries, Fin Moore Trio, and Jose Manuel Tejedor. We shot with Sony FS7's and Canon L series lenses. Broadcast on BBC Alba.

Filmed the big light switch on of the new Queensferry Crossing bridge and lives into BBC Breakfast the following morning.

Filming with the lovely Jennie Bond at Duchally Estate for a corporate film for the Estate and Cystic Fibrosis charity.

July 2017 

Filming interviews for a documentary about the Scotland Womens football team for BBC Alba.

BBC News coverage 

Live webcasts for London based events company

June 2017

 BBC News coverage

Live webcasts for London based events company 

Filming for Channel Five Sport at Hampden

May 2017

BBC Beechgrove Garden feature

BBC Sport

BBC Network news

Filming Hibs Football Club new DVD

Filming some Glasgow end content for a promo for Axis Animation. This was for the company's website. Using FS7 and Wally Dolly for tracking shots. Finished film can be seen here on Vimeo  -  Axis Studios - Behind The Scenes

Filming live webcasts for a London based events company

April 2017 

A month of politics and gardening. All good fun, especially the gardening!

Covering Party conferences for BBC

Live's for BBC Breakfast

BBC news coverage

BBC Beechgrove Garden features

March 2017

Covering Nicola Sturgeon's announcement at Bute House regarding the decision to ask for a second referendum in Scotland. This was for Sky News and I was transmitting live via the Live U unit. Then on to Holyrood for the rest of the day with the Sky Ranger Sat truck filming ilive interviews with party leaders. The following day was spent in Dundee filming a package of reactions to the Referendum announcement.

Covering Jeremy Corbyn visit to Glasgow at Royal Concert Hall for Sky News using Live U unit. I was the pool camera providing coverage to all the other broadcasters. 

 Party conference time for BBC. Lib Dems, Scottish Conservatives and Labour. A mixture of live interviews via sat truck and gathering colour pieces for Network. 

Filming a feature in Edinburgh with Sony 500 for "The Beechgrove Garden" with presenter George Anderson. 

 February 2017

Some news work for BBC Scotland last week and covering the live camera for Labour Party Conference in Perth for BBC. Included a live programme on Saturday and an interview with the Lord Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. He was spirited away quickly after the interview still wearing my radio mic! Had to chase him and he said that he had a collection of them at home. Cheeky chappie so he is!

The first episode of "A Special Relationship" has gone out last week on BBC2 NI. I shot the pictures of Kilmartin Glen with it's amazing standing stones and hill fort. Filmed with my FS7 and primes, got very lucky with the weather including a rainbow! 

Fun at Barrowlands Ballroom to film the "Anthrax" concert using Sony 500's. This is for the bands tour DVD.

January 2017

Working for Sky News over the next few days. Sky now have their own fleet of "Ranger" satellite vehicles which are operated by the cameraman. So as well as filming the stories, we now get to send them back as well as providing a live broadcasting facility. The "Ranger" is also equipped with portable streaming backpack which transmits pictures and sound live over the 4G network using multiple SIM cards.

Working at the Premier of Trainspotting 2 in Edinburgh last weekend. Filmed interviews with cast leaders including Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle, Ewan Bremner and director Danny Boyle. I streamed the event live to Associated Press in London using a Live U unit which uses the 4G network.

Filming music series Seirm for BBC Alba. In past programmes we have shot with Sony F55, Sony FS7 and Canon C300 cameras using film zoom lenses. This year, we are using a combination of Arri cameras. We have four Amira's, an Alexa and a Mini . All fitted with Fujinon Cabrio film zooms. The programmes are shot as a multi camera recording with a director and vision mixer cutting live. The cameras are fitted with Copperhead back ends to provide comms. The Arri Amiras will be used in this way which will be a new departure for the show. Great to be working again with Progressive Broadcast who engineer the vision and recording. And delighted  to be part of the team from the production company Bees Nees who have the ambition and vision to use the very best kit and raise the bar to make fantastic looking programmes.